Proclaiming peace in Paris

Thank you to all who prayed for and supported our Paris summer outreach team in August!

Over the course of the outreach over 25,000 gospel leaflets were distributed, hundreds of conversations about the Messiah took place and twenty four Jewish people gave us their contact details so that our missionary in Paris, Aurel Vidal, and his team of local volunteers could follow them up and tell them more about Jesus. Many Gentiles also stopped to talk, including one tourist who professed faith in Jesus having heard the Good News from our team.

While we had a core team of 17 missionaries, mission associates and international volunteers, a large group of local volunteers meant that the team actually numbered over 80 people. Every day we had around 25-30 people out on the streets sharing Jesus with Jewish people and anyone else who would stop to listen.

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God’s perfect timing

Even when we think that we are running late, we can never be late for one of God's divine appointments. This was the case when CWI's Director of Ministry Richard Gibson met Natan and Lev on the Paris underground.

I was running late on the way to an outreach location with another team member when Natan leaned over the train aisle, pointed at our shirts and asked what they were all about. I explained we were in Paris to tell Jewish people about the Peacemaker and, guessing Natan was Israeli, asked if he could read what was on our shirts. Natan read out 'MiHu' and we started speaking in Hebrew.

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October CWI missionary tours
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More Jewish people than ever are discovering Jesus as their Messiah. Lives are being changed as the gospel is being shared!

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