Baptised in the bath


Aviel Sela, one of CWI's missionaries in Israel, was introduced to a Jewish believer who had asked for someone to share the gospel with her Aunt Bebe. Bebe wanted to speak to someone outside of the family about Jesus,

Bebe was born into a large Jewish family in a small town called Zhitomir in Ukraine in 1939. She was the youngest of seven children. When she was two years old the family fled Ukraine to escape the Nazis, however she became very ill on the journey and her spine began to rot. She survived but as a result started developing a hunch back.

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Joseph Steinberg on UCB


CWI CEO Joseph Steinberg was recently interviewed on UCB radio about his early experience as a Jewish believer.

Joseph related his own experience of growing up in a traditional Jewish home and recalled his first Christmas as a Jewish believer in Jesus.  

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Play your part in CWI's future:
Leaving us a gift in your Will


If you have a desire to see Jewish people hearing about Jesus and turning to him, then leaving a legacy to CWI can be one of the most effective ways of ensuring that continues to happens.

God has been at work through CWI for over 175 years and a surprising amount of the funding which has greatly helped has come from faithful supporters who have left gifts in their Wills to CWI.

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Across Europe, Jewish people urgently need to know Jesus – please help us reach them

CWI's missionary in Paris was elated when he was invited back to regularly visit a group of French Holocaust survivors he met during our recent summer outreach in Paris. Opportunities like this don’t come along every day but for our missionary it was a moment of immense joy at the end of our fruitful outreach to Jewish people in his home city.

CWI has a long history, not just in France but all across mainland Europe, dating right back to our founding over 175 years ago. Over the past few years, we have been focusing great effort on re-establishing our evangelistic outreach to Europe’s Jewish communities – something which we have come some way to achieving – but we need your help to keep this growing work going.

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