Across Europe, Jewish people urgently need to know Jesus – please help us reach them

Our missionary in Paris was elated when he was invited back to regularly visit a group of French Holocaust survivors he met during our recent summer outreach in Paris. Opportunities like this don’t come along every day but for our missionary it was a moment of immense joy at the end of our fruitful outreach to Jewish people in his home city.

CWI has a long history, not just in France but all across mainland Europe, dating right back to our founding over 175 years ago. Over the past few years, we have been focusing great effort on re-establishing our evangelistic outreach to Europe’s Jewish communities – something which we have come some way to achieving – but we need your help to keep this growing work going.

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Northern Ireland CWI tour - November 2018


More Jewish people than ever are discovering Jesus as their Messiah.
Lives are being changed as the gospel is being shared!

In November, Asaf Pelled, CWI's missionary based in Amsterdam, will visiting churches in Northern Ireland to speak about his evangelistic outreach to Jewish people in Amsterdam. Asaf is a gifted evangelist who is helping Jewish people in Holland find Jesus for themselves through street evangelism and by engaging in one-to-one contact. 

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God’s perfect timing

Even when we think that we are running late, we can never be late for one of God's divine appointments. This was the case when CWI's Director of Ministry Richard Gibson met Natan and Lev on the Paris underground.

I was running late on the way to an outreach location with another team member when Natan leaned over the train aisle, pointed at our shirts and asked what they were all about. I explained we were in Paris to tell Jewish people about the Peacemaker and, guessing Natan was Israeli, asked if he could read what was on our shirts. Natan read out 'MiHu' and we started speaking in Hebrew.

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