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From Glory to Glory


Stephen Atkinson preaches on 2 Corinthians 3-4 on the surpassing glory of the New Covenant with particular reference to 3:16 '...when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed.'
Israel: Land, People, Language


On 11 December 2010 David Zadok, CWI's Israel Field Director, visited London and provided a biblical overview and unique insight to the subject of Israel; discussing the land, its people and their language. Please contact if you would like a CD copy of the entire event, which includes an update of the work of CWI, an interview with David and the final Q&A session. By David Zadok

Questions and Answers



How can we be counted righteous before God? Through fasting? Prayer? T'shuva? Mitzvot? What does God say in the Hebrew Scriptures?
By Mike Moore
Jesus and the Holocaust:


The Holocaust is a problem for both Jews and Christians. How have Jewish thinkers tried to come to terms with the greatest Jewish tragedy for 2,000 years and what should Christians make of the Nazi plot to exterminate European Jewry?
By Mike Moore
Jesus the Messiah:


In the Hebrew Scriptures there are three types of 'messiah': Kings, Priests and Prophets. The Messiah foretold by the ancient Hebrew prophets combines all three offices. By Mike Moore
The True Tabernacle:


When he redeemed Israel from Egypt, God lived in the midst of his people in the Mishkan, the Tabernacle, and Israel saw his glory. The Tabernacle in the wilderness was full of symbols pointing to an even greater tabernacle and an even greater glory! By Mike Moore

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