All About Eve

I was in Portugal but it wasn’t sunny! I’d been robbed, I’d had an accident and my visa was about to run out. I was completely high, out of my mind on drugs, and I’d missed my plane – twice! Now I just wanted to get out of there.

“Listen guys, this is all the money I have. Just give me the plane ticket you have right now, wherever it’s to.”

They said, “OK. England”.

I said, “Fine”. I didn’t want to go to England but I was past caring.
I was nearing the end of a long journey that had taken me to many parts of the world; a journey that began when, as a thirteen year old, I started to notice that there was something missing in my life! Surely you don’t just go to school, go home, do your homework and play. I came from a very secular Israeli home but I began to look for some spiritual input to my life. I looked at the fanatical Orthodox Jews who walked around the neighbourhood but they didn’t seem spiritual, just kind of scary. So I bought an expensive book about Transcendental Meditation and I remember thinking: Why does it cost so much money to get to happiness? I examined many different cults, got involved in Tarot reading and New Age teaching but I was always looking for God. Yet I always found that what people taught me was a big lie. Everyone wanted something from me. Either they wanted my money, to take advantage of me, or to brainwash me. I knew the Bible was real but in Israel it is taught from a secular point of view. So my life was really turbulent.

What’s it all about?

I had great grades in school but that didn’t interest me, so I left school. I then worked as a sales person and made a great score but that didn’t interest me either. I always had friends around me and we went to parties and had a good time but that didn’t interest me, so I found new friends (I changed all my friends every six months!). It was like I had everything, but I didn’t want it. I had all the compliments, but I didn’t care for them. At some point I knew I had to leave Israel. I felt I was just dying. I started to travel the world and it was in Japan that I came to an end of myself.

In Japan most people seemed to be in pursuit of money all the time. I made big money there but threw it all away gambling and partying. One day I thought, “OK, let’s check out Shinto”. I sat down under a lovely tree beside a colourful temple in a beautiful garden, watched the monks walking real slow, and listened as they banged a gong. I went to meditate because I had been so shocked by all the materialism I had seen. Suddenly something hit me from behind and I realised it was a big insect. The trees were full of those insects and as I looked at them I noticed a sign declaring that the shrine was dedicated to that insect. I said to myself, “How low can you get! How can you worship an insect?”

From that point, my life started to go downhill but I had a drug addiction and didn’t care where I was going. I didn’t even want to hold on to the thought that maybe I would one day find God. I went back to Israel but I didn’t find myself there. I wanted to go to Africa, but I couldn’t get there. Finally I went to Portugal and started selling oil paintings. I didn’t care about money and didn’t care about myself. If there was no chance of me communicating with God, I didn’t see any point in living.

On Cloud Nine

But then one day I came to England. I started selling oil paintings, moving from apartment to apartment and going from job to job. I was really reaching the end. I had decided that this world had nothing to offer me. I had money, I had fun, I had men, I went to lots of parties, I travelled, but it was boring.

I decided I was going to kill myself but I was living next door to a “Jesus freak” who told me about Jesus. That really lit my fuse: “Yeah, you’re going to tell me that God came down from the skies and did this and that!” As I was deciding which way I was going to kill myself, I told him to bring his “Messianic rabbi” * to me. I wanted to listen to him before I killed myself because I had a suspicion that there might be a hell and I didn’t want to go there. So I met Richard who looked like a salesman to me. I thought he might have some sales tricks up his sleeve, so I said, “What do you want to tell me? What’s your claim? What is your cult into?”

I soon realised that Richard didn’t want to take advantage of me in any way. “OK,” I said, “Why have you come to this crazy conclusion that God can die?” He opened a Hebrew Bible – the Bible that I had known from school – and verse by verse he showed me that the Messiah would be born of a woman and would suffer and die. That very day I accepted Yeshua and decided not to kill myself! When I went home, I was on cloud nine. I started to read the New Testament. It took me four months and I had many difficult questions: Why was Judas such a bad guy? Could I be Judas? Could I make one mistake too many? What if I had the Holy Spirit and I blasphemed – would I be doomed? I was really struggling with this huge idea, that God himself – the infinite – came into a body to die for me, – the nobody. He really loved me and I was not a nice person. He forgives me! It’s difficult to comprehend!

No Mistake

But I knew I had found reality for the first time in my life. I went back to Israel thinking that people would persecute me when I spoke of Yeshua but it didn’t happen. Instead, a series of miracles happened. I found a huge congregation of believers in Eilat and I started evangelising in the desert. I talked to people about God and they actually listened to me, listened to the Holy Spirit speaking through me. I saw two people come to the Lord during one month! I also sent my brother to the congregation in Eilat and, thank God, the occult spirit of Kabbalah is slowly being washed away from him. I have now been baptised and am following a discipleship course.

I came to England from Portugal by “mistake” but God knew what he was doing!

* This was the term Eve used and is not a term Richard uses of himself!
This article first appeared in the June 2005 edition of the Herald

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