A Daughter of Zion

I was born in Argentina to a Zionistic family. I studied in a Jewish school and my parents were leaders in the Jewish community. At the age of eighteen, I made Aliyah to Israel where I met my future husband whilst studying at university. After we were married in 1974, we continued to keep in close contact with friends from our early years in Israel who had since moved to a kibbutz. While visiting them, we met Christian volunteers who talked to us about the Bible. We were intellectually curious to understand what they were talking about and decided to obtain a Bible that included the New Testament. My husband in particular began to read and study.
After some weeks, our friends left for an extended visit to their family in Uruguay. When they returned, we sensed a deep change in them. They told us that they had come to faith in Messiah and, for that reason, had left the kibbutz. In Uruguay they had met a Christian family who had helped them to become rooted in the faith. I was deeply impressed by the dramatic change in my friends’ hearts and spirits.

In December 1976 my husband and I visited our friends again. One evening they encouraged my husband to read Isaiah 53 with them and he was deeply convicted. In the morning I found myself alone with three believers!

During this time, my husband fell seriously ill. Our friends told me that if I prayed in the name of Jesus, God would hear my prayer. I hesitated, but then I did pray to God for my husband – in the name of Jesus! As I prayed, the Lord touched my heart in a mighty way. I began to weep as I had never wept before and at that moment I knew that I belonged to the Lord. My husband had given his heart to the Lord after first understanding with his mind. For me it was different: first the Lord touched my heart, then I began to understand the Scriptures. We have been walking with our Messiah now for thirty-two years and have never looked back. I thank the Lord for his mercy and goodness in putting us in touch with people who were not ashamed of the gospel and for our friends who had the courage to share their new faith with us, praying for and with us until we too were ushered into the Kingdom of God.

Since 2003, I have worked as the accountant of HaGefen Publishing. I am delighted to be able to serve the Lord with my gifts in this way and to be a part of the witness of the gospel in my country.

The story of Susan
Accountant, HaGefen Publishing

This article first appeared in the Summer 2008 edition of the Herald

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