Articles: Book & Film Reviews

The Gospel of Ruth (Mike Moore, 2014)
The Boteach Delusion by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (Mike Moore, 2012)
Father and Son by Mosab Hassan Yousef (Mike Moore, 2010)
How the Church Lost the Way by Steve Maltz (Mike Moore, 2009)
Any Complaints? Blame God! by Martin Goldsmith (Howard Fleming, 2009)
The Unusual Suspects by Richard Gibson (Mike Moore, 2008)
Life is an Adventure: Robert Murray McCheyne by Irene Howat (Sylvia Giraud, 2008)
A Week in the Life of the Lamb by Ariel Berkowitz (Mike Moore, 2008)
Israel, God's Servant by David W Torrance & George Taylor (Mike Moore, 2008)
All Love - A Biography of Ridley Herschell by Geoffrey Henderson (Mike Moore, 2007)
Telling Jews About Jesus by Paul Morris (Mike Moore, 2006)
A Future for Israel? by Julia Fisher (Mike Moore, 2006)
The Christian and the Pharisee
by Dr R T Kendall and Rabbi David Rosen (2006)
Contours of Pauline Theology by Tom Holland (Mike Moore, 2007)
The Gospel according to Isaiah by T J E Cross (Mike Moore, 2007)
The Passion of the Christ (Howard Fleming & Mike Moore, 2004)
Whose Land? Whose Promise? by Gary Burge (2004)
Betrayed by Stan Telchin (Alfred Burchartz, 2000)
The Church is Israel Now by C D Provan (1998)
Hated Without a Cause by Graham Keith (1997)

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