Articles: Jewish Evangelism

Keep Calm and Talk About Jesus (Jean-Paul Rempp, 2015)
Out of the furnace (David Zadok, 2015)
Ever increasing faith (Mike Moore, 2015)
Seize the day! (David Zadok, 2015)
I want hope (Stanislav Alexiev, 2015)
Jewish Mission Matters (Mike Moore, 2015)
Why Jewish Mission (Joseph Steinberg, 2014)
Encounter in the Russian Skies (Tommy Mackay, 2014)
All who are Hungary (Mike Moore, 2013)
What about the Jews? (Neil Richards, 2013)
Two Jews, Three Opinions (Mike Moore, 2013)
Mission in Moldova (Mike Moore, 2012)
The Silver Lining (Mike Moore, 2012)
Team CWI (2012)
Precious opportunities (Helen Delevingne, 2012)
Hong Kong on a Mission (Various,2012)
Spurgeon Approved (Stephen Atkinson 2012)
Getting our priorities right (Mike Moore, 2011)
A Mensch For Messiah (Mike Moore, 2010)
Mikveh, Mitzvah & Messiah (Mike Moore, 2010)
The Hallelujah Factor (Mike Moore, 2009)
Power to the People (Mike Moore, 2008)
Making Waves (Feri, 2008)
Catching the Vision (Mike Moore, 2008)
The Unwise (Jean-Paul Rempp, 2008)
A Time to Speak (Hartmut Renz, 2004)
Getting our Priorities Right (Peter Parkinson, 2003)
The Normal Human Life (Mike Moore, 2005)
Bo-Peep Evangelism (Jim Sibley, 2000)
Who's Anti-Semitic? (Richard L Ganz, 2000)
First things first (John S Ross, 1994)
A Jew - A Poem (Unknown, 1994)

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