Sharing the hope of Jesus in Paris
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There are 500,000 Jewish people living in France, with half of those living in Paris. This makes Paris the largest Jewish community in Europe. However, last year, following a series of high-profile attacks on Jewish people, a Jewish deputy mayor of one of France’s largest cities stated that ‘the future of the Jewish people in France is hopeless’.

Anti-Semitism across France is on the rise. Jewish people live in constant fear of attack and are increasingly marginalised. But, in CWI, we believe the future is not hopeless for the Jewish people who live there.

Each year, we visit European cities to share Jesus with Jewish people through our summer outreaches. Since our outreach in Paris last year God has clearly been at work in Jewish lives through our missionary based there, Aurel Vidal.


God is at work through Aurel's mission work

As Aurel has continued his outreach in Paris, we have seen God powerfully at work in the lives of those like:

Shlomo - an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who has begun attending church with Aurel and 'praying in Jesus' name

Olivier - Aurel's Hebrew teacher who prayed a prayer of repentence and faith in Jesus in a packed Jewish cafe with a rabbi sitting nearby

We believe that opportunities like these are evidence of God’s blessing as we reach Jewish people with the Good News of Jesus.

But more needs to be done if we are to see Aurel’s ministry sustained and his gospel reach extended...


Will you help Aurel make Jewish disciples in Paris?

Aurel’s funding is significantly short and he is in great need of support.

Please help us offer more hope to Aurel so he can continue to see Jewish disciples made in Paris.

If you would like to support Aurel's mission work in Paris click on the Donate button below or call head office on 01865 887830.



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