The British Messianic Jewish Alliance

Press Release January 2007

It is worrying to hear of anti-Jewish attitudes being expressed by any section of society but it especially distressing when such attitudes surface within the church. In response to such concerns, the British Messianic Jewish Alliance ( recently issued a press release, the full text of which we carry below:

An Appeal to the Leadership of the Churches from the British Messianic Jewish Alliance:

It is with great concern that we witness the rapid growth of worldwide anti-Semitism, all too often these days in the guise of anti-Zionism.

We wish to express our concern that anti-Jewish sentiment is so frequently manifested in British society. We call upon the church to oppose it.

As Jews who are part of the church, we are distressed to hear anti-Jewish attitudes expressed in the church and in the name of Christianity. We call upon our fellow believers from many nations to acknowledge that Jesus was a Jew, and to disavow all racism aimed at Jewish people both inside and outside the State of Israel.

We call upon the church to publicly affirm God's ongoing relationship with the Jewish people, and his determination to continue to work with them since he has not cast them away. Even more unthinkable [and insulting] would be the idea that a Covenant God should ditch his first choice in favour of another.

When we hear people in the churches suggesting that God's promises to us are null and void we are concerned, not just for what that says about us, but also for what it says about God, as if he were fickle. Our very existence on into the 21st century speaks for itself. We are part of a large, diverse and vibrant Messianic Jewish movement that professes Yeshua [the name 'Jesus' in its Hebrew form] is Messiah, Saviour and LORD.

Strengthen us by defending us as your brothers and sisters in the faith.

Affirm us in the role we wish to play as Jews in the Body of Christ.

Recognise that it was through the Jews that the gospel came to all nations.

Stand by us, if you will, just as we stand by our fellow Jews today in the teeth of serious prejudice and threats.

Recognise and reject the politicisation of Christian theology regarding the Jewish people in order to promote a radically based anti-Zionist agenda.

These are the responses for which we look to you.

[For a comment regarding the background to this statement read Whatever is Lovely]   

This article first appeared in the March 2007 edition of the Herald

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