Fresh beginnings

The work of the gospel outreach to the Jewish community in Melbourne, Australia has now officially begun. Stephen and Lana Holmes have been working as CWI missionaries since February.

When I am out and about I look for opportunities to connect with people. In January we hosted Shiron, CWI’s Hong Kong worker, for a week. Coming home late one night from a trip to the city we got into conversation with the people sitting next to us on the train. I had an inkling one of them might be a Russian Jew, and sure enough, they were. We kept this person before the Lord in prayer and a month later we met up at a nearby coffee shop. We discussed in depth what it means to be a believer in Jesus and I was able to answer a lot of the questions they raised. This was a God ordained meeting; after all, not everyone you get talking to on a train turns out to be both Jewish and living in your neighbourhood!

Another of my strategies is to frequent Jewish hangouts, such as a coffee shop I have begun to go to in Elsternwick. Last week I went there for a meeting with a fellow clergyman who has a church in a Jewish area. I was wearing a t-shirt with Hebrew Scripture references on it and I noticed a customer looking at it. I exchanged pleasantries with him while we were paying the bill before leaving. Having left the coffee shop, I felt prompted to return and talk with this man and a 30 minute conversation ensued! He recognized the Hebrew writing on the t-shirt, but didn’t actually speak Hebrew, so he was curious to know what it said. I explained that the t-shirt portrayed Jesus as the One who fulfils the Messianic prophecies contained in the Tanakh. He told me that he actually owned a video by the late Harold Vallins, who had been a liberal rabbi in London and Melbourne but found the Messiah in 1998.

Please pray for these contacts and that we will know the Lord’s help as we point them in the direction of Jesus.

This article was first published in the Summer Herald 2015

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