Book by Book: Leviticus

With Joseph Steinberg

Genesis sets the stage for the Bible’s story of redemption, Exodus establishes the theological framework for the story and Leviticus takes us into that framework to explain how it works.

The book of Leviticus is set in and around the Tabernacle, described in detail in Exodus. As the work of the ancient
Levites is set out for us, the work of the future great High Priest is being foreshadowed and explained. This is what makes
Leviticus not only very interesting but also vitally important for Christians to understand, since the book takes us down into the theological engine of the Bible to show us how and why the work of the Messiah is what it is.

On this DVD, Joseph Steinberg, alongside Richard Bewes and Paul Blackham, discusses the sacrifices, the priests, the festivals, the Day of Atonement and other topics in the book of Leviticus.

The DVD is divided into ten segments of approximately fifteen minutes each and is available from the CWI book room for £9.99 plus p&p. The popular companion DVD/Book set on Exodus is also available at the same price. An ideal seasonal gift.

This article was first published in the Winter Herald 2014

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