CWI Summer School 2011

Article one

God certainly answered prayers for the Summer School and greatly blessed it in every way.  We had seventeen students from around the world – Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Bulgaria, Romania and the UK.  From the very first day bonds were established between us all and deep friendships were formed, as we prayed, worshipped, learnt, laughed and served together. 

In God’s providence, throughout the first week of lectures and seminars by visiting speakers and CWI staff, each one built upon the previous ones so that a huge amount of information was absorbed and appreciated by all the students. They were then able to put it into practice the following week.  We particularly appreciated the visits of Richard Harvey from All Nations Christian College, Alex Jacob from CMJ and a recently retired senior colleague David Bond.  Each evening we watched a film that either gave us more insight into the day’s experience, or prepared us for the next day, ranging from ‘The Boy in Striped Pyjamas’ to ‘Fiddler on the Roof’.

During the first week we visited the new Jewish Museum in Camden, which was very well presented, encompassing every aspect of Jewish life, including a history of the Jews in the UK and Jewish contributions to the world of entertainment.  This was followed by a Passover demonstration by Robert Weissman, a Jewish believer, in the spacious dining room with a magnificent view of the grounds of Oakhill College where we were staying.  On Saturday we visited a historic Synagogue for part of the service, where we were most warmly welcomed, joining the congregation for refreshments afterwards.  Following this we spent the afternoon in the Holocaust section of the Imperial War Museum.  On Sunday some of us went to All Souls, Langham Place, and others to Wilton Community Church in preparation for outreach in that area the next day.

We split into groups to cover several different areas in our door-to-door work, and each student took turns with an experienced person, while a third student prayed.  Many reported having good conversations with people and some were even invited in!  CWI fieldworkers will follow up all these new contacts in the months to come. The following day we participated in book table outreach and gave out tracts in central London. On the last day we went in groups to prayer walk around a very Orthodox Jewish area and also helped with the regular book table outreach there, where we learnt much from watching and listening to the experienced missionaries there, and some students also had opportunities to engage in conversations themselves.

The Summer School ended with an evening of Israeli dancing with a Jewish dance teacher to instruct us, and much fun was had by all!  On a more serious note, many students felt that the Summer School was a pivotal point in their lives and part of God’s plan for them, and I thank him for all that has been achieved through it.


This article first appeared in the Autumn Herald 2011

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