CWI Summer School

Article two

We had a great crowd of students who got on so well together. They were all very capable, even those who were quite new to any form of witnessing. I was really pleased with the way that the outreaches went and the door-to-door visiting gave us some good opportunities. The first conversation for Sofi, a young student from Gloucester, and me lasted over an hour. The lady at the door had sadly lost her husband only a few months before, and was very keen to express her feelings about what she saw as a dogmatic and judgemental form of Christianity. However, when Sofi began to share her personal experience of God, the whole conversation changed and the lady began to listen. In the afternoon we met a young man from Israel just about to get into his car. As soon as I said “Shalom!” his face brightened, he listened and even took a booklet of Messianic prophecies. Despite the smell of cooking coming from inside, a Jewish lady was very happy to answer Sofi’s questions from our survey, as was a young muslim lady, who chatted with Sofi for some time and even took a copy of John’s Gospel.

The book table outreaches also produced some good conversations. I met another young man from Israel, this time in Covent Garden on holiday with his parents. He was very open to talk about Yeshua, and took the HaGefen book “Power To Change” in Hebrew. Then another young man, who said he had a Jewish girlfriend, took a book of Messianic testimonies. In north London Helen had a good conversation with a Jewish lady, who, unusually for the location, was keen to take literature. Betty too had a very long conversation with a Jewish gentleman sitting on a bench nearby. We praise God for all his provision and all that He did through an excellent team.

This article first appeared in the Autumn Herald 2011

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