CWI Summer School

Article three

Having attended the previous CWI Summer School as a student, I really enjoyed being part of it in a different role this time round, as a field worker now. Still being very much a student myself, I enjoyed the company, support and encouragement of the believers from different parts of the world (including a friend from Romania, my home country!) What a joy to see the hearts of the students drawn by our Lord Jesus towards his chosen people! Seeing their desire to share about our Saviour and Lord in a new and often challenging environment with people they had never met before is absolutely incredible! God can and does work through our weaknesses when we make ourselves available to him. This year’s Summer School was definitely a life changing experience!



Endorsements from students

I would like to get more involved with Jewish & New Age Evangelism with CWI.

CWI has been the most supportive and fun Christian group I've ever had the pleasure

of learning from and working with.

David, UK

I truly enjoyed taking part in this year's Summer School...I had a great time, learnt a lot and enjoyed the fellowship greatly. God bless you and keep up the good work and the exceptional standard of teaching at the Summer School.

Petya, Bulgaria

I would like to say that I've enjoyed all the fellowship and the new relationships I've made with people from the Summer School. I'm going home to Romania having a greater desire

to evangelise Jewish people from our area, and also with the desire to involve more churches in this area of mission.

David, Romania

This article first appeared in the Autumn Herald 2011

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