Telling Jews about Jesus

by Paul Morris

Telling Jews About Jesus remains the only book of its kind by a British author that is still in print. In 140 pages, Paul Morris presents a readable introduction to Jewish history, culture and religion, as well as a plain guide to sensitive and effective witness. Nothing else is available in this country that covers so much, so comprehensively.
“Most Jewish people who believe in Jesus first became interested in the gospel because of the testimony of a Christian friend – someone like you”, says Paul Morris. But many Christians are hesitant or fearful to speak about Jesus to Jewish people. Some years ago Paul wrote Telling Jews about Jesus to help ordinary Christians share the gospel with Jewish friends effectively and sensitively.

Witness to Jews is not simply a matter of adjusting our approach by taking account of Jewish culture and history. The Jewish people are, by definition and in contrast to other nations, those who have received promises from God. This is their great distinctiveness. Our presentation of the gospel to them, therefore, takes on a unique form; it is the good news of a promise fulfilled.

Telling Jews about Jesus paints with broad strokes a history of the Jewish people: who they are; where they are; how they think. The book also tells us how Jews today relate to – among other things – God, Judaism, Christianity, Israel and the Messiah. Many Jews are unaware of the influences that have moulded their patterns of living. They are unaware of the factors that have shaped their beliefs, practices, opinions, attitudes and language. For some Jews, day-to-day expression of their Jewishness is little more than eating Jewish-style food. However, foremost among the influences on Jewish thought, says Paul Morris, is the influence of God – a consciousness of God is inextricably linked to the history of Israel.

The second section of the book is practical, dealing with how – and how not – to witness to Jewish people. Jewish people are the same as anyone else, yet they are also different to everyone else. The Christian approach to the Jew, Paul states, must not be sentimental, apologetic, pedantic or argumentative. Our witness should be careful, biblical, loving and respectful. There is an abundance of literature available to help Christians witness to members of cults and other religions but for many years nothing was produced on this side of the Atlantic to help Christians witness to Jews. Telling Jews about Jesus is written by an experienced “teller” who wants others to communicate effectively the Good News of Jesus the Jewish Messiah.

Telling Jews about Jesus
Published by Grace Publications
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This article first appeared in the September 2007 edition of the Herald

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