Across Europe, Jewish people urgently need to know Jesus – please help us reach them

Our missionary in Paris was elated when he was invited back to regularly visit a group of French Holocaust survivors he met during our recent summer outreach in Paris.

Opportunities like this don’t come along every day but for our missionary it was a moment of immense joy at the end of our fruitful outreach to Jewish people in his home city.

CWI has a long history, not just in France but all across mainland Europe, dating right back to our founding over 175 years ago. Over the past few years, we have been focusing great effort on re-establishing our evangelistic outreach to Europe’s Jewish communities – something which we have come some way to achieving – but we need your help to keep this growing work going.


The challenge of the past

The Jewish community in Europe can be traced back centuries – even before Jesus walked the earth. But over the past two thousand years, the experience of Jewish people in Europe has been one of terrible persecution and hardship… forced conversions, displacement, the crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and pogroms.

This is why when CWI was established in 1842, as well as travelling to the Holy Land, our first missionaries were sent to Europe to share the love of Jesus. And, praise God, there they saw the Lord changing Jewish lives.

However, the work in Europe came to abrupt halt as a result of Germany’s horrific extermination of 6 million Jewish people in the Holocaust. Out of necessity and circumstance our focus shifted over to rescuing Jewish children from the Nazis in Czechoslovakia and then on to sharing Jesus with Jewish communities within the British commonwealth.

The Jewish communities in Europe grew again but, sadly, gospel witness to Jewish people didn’t keep up. This imbalance needs to be redressed and through the work of our European missionaries, we are seeking to do this very thing by re-establishing the work of bringing the gospel back to Jewish people in Europe.


The challenge of the present

Today we have three missionaries reaching out to continental Europe – in France, Holland and Bulgaria. They labour tirelessly to see that Jewish people in those cities and beyond have the opportunity to hear the Good News about Jesus, turn to him and be saved.

Ultimately, our desire is not only to be able to fully fund our existing three missionaries but also to further grow our missionary footprint across Europe to other Jewish communities where there is currently little or no evangelistic outreach taking place.

However, the pressing need is to ensure our current missionaries, who are vastly underfunded, are fully supported so they can continue the good work they have begun. Your generous help is vital if their mission work is to continue.


The challenge of the future

Our three missionaries in Europe are fully dedicated to seeing Jewish people come to know Jesus. Their mission work does not come without challenges though – both spiritual and practical – and your support will go a long way towards ensuring their evangelistic work can continue and grow.

Please prayerfully consider sending us a gift today to help our missionaries in Europe. You can do so online by clicking the paypal link below or by contacting our head office on +44(0)1865 887830.

Thank you so much for helping us to tell Jewish people about Jesus in Europe.






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