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All who are Hungary (Mike Moore, 2013)
A genuinely nice guy (Mike Moore, 2012)
All who are thirsty (Adam Shah, 2012)
A funny thing happened (Stephen Atkinson, 2012)
And also to the Greek (Mike Moore, 2012)
A Good Foundation (Mike Moore, 2011)
A Mensch for Messiah (Mike Moore, 2010)
Aussie Gold (Paul Morris, 2009)
Any Complaints? Blame God! by Martin Goldsmith (Howard Fleming, 2009)
All our Yesterdays (Howard Fleming, 2009)
All Aboard the Bandwagon (Mike Moore, 2008)
A Week in the Life of the Lamb by Ariel Berkowitz (2008)
Against the Wall (Lisa Loden, 2008)
All Love - A Biography of Ridley Herschell
by Geoffrey Henderson (Mike Moore, 2007)
An Appeal (BMJA, 2007)
1656 and All That (Mike Moore, 2006)
Advocates of Anarchists (Martin Smyth, 2006)
A Future for Israel? by Julia Fisher (Mike Moore, 2006)
A Day of Rejoicing (Baruch Maoz, 2005)
All About Eve (Eve, 2005)
All on the Altar (Steven Currie, 2005)
Anna Sutherland: 1939-2004 (Mike Moore, 2004)
An Exquisite Irony (Mike Moore, 2004)
A Spectacular Future (Ian Morrison, 2004)
A Time to Speak (Hartmut Renz, 2004)
2000 Years of Jewish Evangelism (John S Ross, 2000)
Bad Moon Rising (Mike Moore, 2014)
Brightness on the edge of town (Mike Moore, 2010)
Book Binders - Rabbinic Judaism (Howard Fleming, 2005)
Betrayed by Stan Telchin (Alred Burchartz, 2000)
Bo-Peep Evangelism (Jim Sibley, 2000)
Budapest: Maria Dorothea (John S Ross, 1998)
Changing Jewish lives The untold story (Ruairidh MacLean, 2015)
Castaways? (2009)
Contours of Pauline Theology by Tom Holland (MIke Moore, 2006)

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