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The Gospel of Ruth (Mike Moore, 2014)
The usual suspects (Mike Moore, 2014)
The True Joy of Pentecost (Michael Saunders, 2014)
To the Chabad and the Cuban (Stephen Atkinson, 2013)
Taken by Surprise (Ben Midgley, 2013)
Two Jews, Three Opinions (Mike Moore, 2013)
The Silver Lining (Mike Moore, 2012)
Team CWI (2012)
To those who wait (Stephen Atkinson, 2012)
The Last Things We talk about (Mike Moore, 2010)
The Hallelujah Factor (Mike Moore, 2009)
The Silence of the Lamb (Martin Goldsmith, 2009)
Three's No Crowd (Trevor Timms, 2009)
The Unusual Suspects by Richard Gibson (Mike Moore, 2008)
The Unwise (Jean-Paul Rempp, 2008)
Three Jews. Two Opinions. (Mike Moore, 2008)
Turning to God (David Zadok, 2008)
Telling Jews About Jesus (Mike Moore, 2007)
The Gospel According to Isaiah by J E Cross (Mike Moore, 2007)
The Name of Messiah (Mike Moore, 2007)
The Christian and the Pharisee by Dr R T Kendall and Rabbi David Rosen (2006)
Truth Seeker (Steve Gutmann, 2006)
The Normal Human Life (Mike Moore, 2005)
The Passion of the Christ (Howard Fleming, 2004)
The World is Not Enough - Kabbalah (Howard Fleming, 2004)
The Church is Israel Now by C D Provan (1998)
The Jew - A Poem (Unknown, 1994)
The Future of the Jews (Martyn Lloyd-Jones, 1988 and 1994)
Values & Vision (Joseph Steinberg, 2015)

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