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Besorah, which is Hebrew for ʻGood Newsʼ, is a new study guide written by CWI field worker Paul Morris. It is a series of ten studies which are ideal for use in a small group setting and are written with a Jewish audience in mind. The aim of the study is to help readers gain a birdʼs eye view of the Bible and a clear understanding of its message.

ONE16 is CWI’s free online theological journal. The subject of Israel and the Jewish people is one of the most contentious and divisive issues within evangelicalism, and has generated a variety of opinions, attitudes and controversies. ONE16 is our attempt to address some of the issues surrounding Israel and to generate some light rather than heat.

Voices from the Past
Sermons preached by Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Charles H Spurgeon and Horatius Bonar on the question of Israel, the Jewish people and the Church's responsibility towards them.

Featured Publication: Besorah - Student's Edition:


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