Out of Egypt

Which Old Testament book provides the theological framework for the rest of the Bible? What does the Tabernacle teach about the Trinity and the way sin has affected the entire universe and man’s relationship to God? What does Israel’s Exodus from Egypt reveal about the way Messiah would rescue His people from the power of sin and the devil?

In this unique DVD/book set Joseph Steinberg, Richard Bewes and Paul Blackham discuss the book of Exodus and its relevance not only to the Jewish people but also to Christians today.


Exodus is part of the Book by Book series of Bible studies produced by All Souls Langham Place. The series is rich in content and variety and each study leads the viewer/reader an entire Bible books, to reveal Jesus in all the Scriptures.


Exodus features CWI’s CEO and comes complete with a two DVD set and study guide. It is ideal for group, individual or whole church study and consists of ten fifteen-minute programmes covering such subjects as ‘The LORD Delivers’, ‘The LORD Mediates’ and ‘The Layout of Tabernacle.’

This article first appeared in the Autumn Herald 2014

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