This award-winning drama looks at the daily lives of ultra-Orthodox Jews learning, living and loving in modern-day Israel. Following the story of a family facing hardships, they must rely on their faith for miracles to happen during the holiday season.
The story of Moshe and Mali Bellanga, their trusting in miracles, and their recognition of the tests God has placed in their path. They sometimes fail the tests, but they are always aware that God is in their midst, and they listen for His voice. The fervor of Moshe and Mali's prayers bring about a miracle, and also a great challenge, in the form of a friend of Moshe's "from the old days," and his companion, both escaped convicts. The plot takes place during the 7 day Harvest Festival of Succoth, and some of it is quite humorous, but every scene is imbued with an insight into humanity, and man's connection to his Creator.

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