What Do Jewish People Think about Jesus?

Written in an accessible style, What Do Jewish People Think about Jesus answers sixty common questions about Jewish people and Jewish culture. The book is written in a way that respects other faiths, without finger pointing and without passing judgement about the rightness or wrongness of Jewish beliefs.

Used as a resource book, What Do Jewish People Think about Jesus? offers valuable information for people with little or no knowledge of the Jewish roots of Christianity. As a novice in this area, I found the book both highly informative and liberating for my own Christian faith.

In this book the author, who is a Messianic believer, explains traditional Jewish terms such as the Oral Law and the Tanakh. He also explains why Christians are not governed by the Law and encourages respect for the ways different Christians follow God.

If you want to find out the history of your own Christian beliefs and the Jewish roots of Christianity, or if you want to understand how to witness to your Jewish friends in a more effective way then this is the book for you. It gives you real insight into the life of Jesus and his upbringing.

Michael Brown is one of the top messianic scholars of our time and he has written this book to help his fellow Christians understand the Jews today. This is an invaluable guide written by a trusted expert who loves the Lord and the Jewish people.

Helen Delevingne

What Do Jewish People Think about Jesus

Michael L. Brown

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