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Our missionaries are telling Jewish people about Jesus in the following countries:



We currently have three missionaries reaching out to London's 185,000 strong Jewish community through door-to-door ministry, one-to-one evangelism and street outreach.


We also have a missionary based in Leeds and another in Glasgow who reach out to their own local Jewish communities through Jewish festival outreaches, Hebrew classes and one-to-one evangelism.



There are an estimated 50,000 Jewish people in New South Wales out of an Australian Jewish population of 120,000. This is the Jewish community with whom our husband and wife missionary couple are sharing the Good News about Jesus .



Our worker in Bulgaria has been with us since 1998. He shares the gospel with his loca Jewish community and also delivers medical aid to



In July 2004 our worker in France joined CWI in a part-time capacity to work among Lyon’s 30,000 Jewish community.


At the end of 2016 we appointed a fulltime missionary to reach out to the Jewish community in Paris. He comes from a background in Jewish mission and has a heart to see Jewish people come to know Jesus.



Our worker in Holland is the first full-time Jewish missionary based in the Netherlands since the holocaust. Despite a large Jewish community and a history of established Jewish mission work prior to the Second World War, work among the Jewish people there has been almost non-existent for the past seventy years until our worker joined us at the end of 2015. He is involved in street outreaches and one-to-one evangelism


Hong Kong

Our CWI HK Centre promotes the vision of Jewish mission amongst churches and Christian fellowships in Hong Kong and organises many seminars and rallies each year.



Our missionary in Hungary worked alongside her former CWI missionary husband for many years but has now taken up the baton to reach out to Jewish people in Budapest herself. She is involved in Jewish festival outreaches, street evangelism and one-to-one evangelsim and discipleship.



We also have two CWI missionaries working in Israel, one in the Tel Aviv area and one in Jerusalem. They share the gospel both in person through street outreaches and one-to-one contact and online, reaching out to their own Jewish people in Israel and beyond.


Christian Witness to Israel also reaches out to Jewish people in Israel through the work of HaGefen Publishing. HaGefen translates, edits, and publishes doctrinally-sound Christian literature into Modern Hebrew and other languages. As well as producing evangelistic literature, Hagefen also publish books and other materials to help Israel's It sells and distributes books such as Sinclair Ferguson’s Commentary on Philippians, Pilgrim’s Progress, and the Children’s Bible Storybook. HaGefen's Director David Zadok also serves as an elder in a Reformed church and ministers to believers and unbelievers through his extensive hospitality.


Please visit HaGefen's website at


New Zealand

Our missionaries in New Zealand run Hatikvah, Hebrew for "the Hope", New Zealand’s only Christian school of Jewish studies. Hatikvah was established in 1983 to help Christians whose "heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved". The programme is conducted under the auspices of the New Zealand branch of CWI.



CWI North America

Stephen Atkinson is Director of Ministry for CWI (N America). Having been CWI’s Ireland rep 2004-2012, Stephen moved to the USA from Northern Ireland to develop the work there. Stephen's address is CWI N. America, Stephen Atkinson, 6401 S. 50th St Rogers, AR 72758 or email him at For further information visit


Stephen overseas the work of our missionary based in the Pittsburgh area of the
USA. A Jewish believer himself, our missionary is involved in street outreach and one-to-one evangelism, making Jesus known to his local Jewish community.

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